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Personal Highlights: The Tellem Houses of the Dogon People Seeing a Dogon Mask Dance performed in a local village Learning how Bogolan cloth is made with no pattern ever being the same Trying to master the djembe or kora with your own private music teacher Day 1 Depart USAYou board your
  • Tour Type: Private Tour
  • Activities: City, Family, Sightseeing, Relaxing & Wellness, Walking, Journeys Collection
  • Places Visited:Mali, Bamako Capital District (Mali), Timbuktu (Mali), Bamako (Mali)
  • Group size: 6 persons
  • Duration: 14 Day(s)

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Personal Highlights:

  • The Tellem Houses of the Dogon People
  • Seeing a Dogon Mask Dance performed in a local village
  • Learning how Bogolan cloth is made with no pattern ever being the same
  • Trying to master the djembe or kora with your own private music teacher
Day 1 Depart USA

You board your aircraft for the overnight flight to Bamako, capital of Mali.

Day 2 Welcome to Mali

Upon arrival in Bamako you are met by your guide and escorted to your hotel. After a chance to relax enjoy a welcome drink and dinner at the hotel.

Day 3 Highlights of Bamako

After breakfast you will depart for a private tour of Bamako. You will visit the National Museum to see some of the beautifully displayed objects including those used in forging and weaving. Other highlights include the stylized antelope mask of Bamana; various Senoufo statuary and the world-renowned antique Dogon Sculptures. Next you will visit point G, where you will have a panoramic view of the city and some cliff dwellings featuring old rock paintings. The artisan center houses an abundance of shops and stalls selling crafts and curios such as leatherwork, fabric, silverware, masks, carvings and bronze figurines and there is also a workshop where you can watch woodcarvers, silversmiths, drum makers and other craftspeople at work.

Day 4 Bamako to Djenne

After breakfast you will head out with your guide to Djenne, Timbuktu's ancient sister city and a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is also referred to as the Jewel of the Niger River. During your tour you will visit the world's largest mud brick mosque. This evening you have dinner and overnight at an encampment in Djenne.

Day 5 Djenne to Dogon Country

In the morning you continue your exploration of Djenne including the colorful Market where you have the chance to test your bargaining skills. Your visit is concluded with lunch. In the afternoon you drive to Dogon Country and have dinner and overnight at an encampment in Sangha.

Day 6 A Day in Dogon Country

This day is devoted to discovering the mysteries of the Dogon people. You travel through ancient villages such as Banani, Ireli and Tireli some of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites because of their preservation of the ancient Dogon culture. You will also tour Sangha a striking example of a Dogon village with traditional homes and granaries. You will overnight in Sangha.

Day 7 The Bandiagara Escarpment

You have an early morning departure as you head to the area known as Bandiagara which is an area made up of thirteen villages where you will explore its stone and mud villages built on top of, alongside and at the base of an escarpment and locally referred to as Tellem houses. These houses cover an area of one hundred miles and offer a unique picturesque view of both the architecture and the location. You visit a village along the cliff to witness a spectacular Dogon Mask dance after which you depart for the town of Mopti where you overnight.

Day 8 Timbuktu, Ancient Crossroads of Africa

You leave early from your hotel for the brief flight to Timbuktu, an ancient city dating back to 1111 AD. Upon arrival, your guide will meet you and take you on a tour of a city known for being the first center of learning for mankind and for its impressive history and unique architecture. You will have the opportunity to visit the Ethnological Museum which houses a collection of ancient books on religion, science, history and mathematics. After the museum visit, you will check into your hotel and have lunch. After lunch you will continue your tour visiting the local mosques, the explorers' houses, the market and the museum. End the day with an excursion to the desert for an evening camel ride led by local Tuaregs.

Day 9 The Markets of Mopti

After a brief but early morning flight you arrive back in Mopti, described as the crossroads of Mali. Because of its location it pulls together all the people of Mali (Bamana, Singhai, Fula, Tuareg, Moor, Bozo and Dogon). After lunch in the city, your guide will take you on a tour including the bustling harbor on the Niger River where you will find large wooden pinasses with canvas covers and colorful flags waving the in the breeze. You will also take time to visit the fish market where fishermen bring in their catch in their pirogues or dugout canoes. You will also have a chance to visit the Grande Marche (Big Market) and Petit Marche (Little Market) where you can shop for earthenware pottery and calabash products. Your tour will end with a visit to the old town with its Grande mosque and its narrow pedestrian streets and gray banco houses.

Day 10 Teriya-Bugu and Segou

This morning you will leave Mopti headed for Segou. Along the way however you will stop at the delightful oasis of Teriya-Bugu located in the midst of the desert and surrounded by eucalyptus, orchards and fisheries. You have a chance to walk through the arboretum before having lunch and continuing on to the town of Segou where you will spend the night.

Day 11 Bogolan Cloth and Shea Butter

After breakfast you leave Segou on the way back to Bamako. On the way your first stop will be Kasobane which is a local cooperative making mudcloth which is indigenous to Mali. It is an intricate process where cotton thread is woven into strips of cloth on traditional looms then strips are sewn into large panels, the panels are dyed by soaking in decoctions of leaves and bark; patterns of clay-rich mud are applied with sticks and brushes; one application and one dye-bath are required for each successive shade of color. Each piece of mudcloth is entirely hand-made and unique; there are no exact duplicates, even when the same pattern is replicated by the same artisan. You will see how the process works and have the chance to create your own design. Prior to reaching Bamako you stop to watch Bambara women take fruit from the Karite tree and create Shea butter which is used to treat dry skin and hair. After a chance to pick up some for the trip home you arrive back in Bamako.

Day 12 A Day of Musical Culture

Today you will travel to the cultural center where a noted artist will give you a private lesson on the correct way to play a djembe which is a skin-covered hand drum and a kora which is a guitar/base type of instrument. After your lesson the resident group at the center will perform for you.

Day 13 Departure Day

After breakfast you have time for last minute sightseeing or shopping before heading to the airport for your connecting flight to the USA.

Day 14 Arrival in USA

You arrive back in the USA either late morning or early afternoon.

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