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Personal Highlights: Comparing the colonial and pan-African architecture in Dakar, Senegal’s cosmopolitan capital Visiting Juffure, the ancestral home of Kunta Kinteh and his descendent, Alex Haley A boat trip on the Gambia River and a visit to the Mandingo Villages Touring the old French
  • Tour Type: Private Tour
  • Activities: City, Family, Sightseeing, Relaxing & Wellness, Walking, Journeys Collection
  • Places Visited:Gambia, Senegal, Gambia Banjul (Gambia), Dakar (Senegal), Cap Vert-Thies (Senegal), Banjul (Gambia)
  • Group size: 6 persons
  • Duration: 12 Day(s)

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Personal Highlights:

  • Comparing the colonial and pan-African architecture in Dakar, Senegal’s cosmopolitan capital
  • Visiting Juffure, the ancestral home of Kunta Kinteh and his descendent, Alex Haley
  • A boat trip on the Gambia River and a visit to the Mandingo Villages
  • Touring the old French Colonial city of Saint Louis in a horse-drawn carriage.
Day 1 Depart USA

You board your aircraft for the overnight flight to Dakar, capital of Senegal.

Day 2 Welcome to Senegal

Upon arrival in Dakar you are met by your guide and escorted to your hotel. After a chance to relax enjoy a welcome drink and dinner at the hotel.

Day 3 An Emotional and Enlightening Day

This morning you will meet your guide for an emotional and haunting experience as you tour Goree Island, the departure point of millions headed for slavery in the Americas. A short ferry ride takes you to the island where you have the chance to tour the Museum Maison des Eclaves (Slaves' House). After its slaving focus, the island became one of the first French settlements on the continent and you can still see clusters of pink colonial style houses which show another aspect of the island's history. You will take a walk to the castle for a spectacular view of Goree and beyond before having lunch at a beach front restaurant featuring Senegalese food. In the afternoon you return to Dakar and Visit the University of Dakar where a student will proudly show you the campus including lecture halls and you have an opportunity to interact with some of the students. If Goree Island is a symbol of Africa's poignant past then these students are symbolic of Senegal's promising future.

Day 4 Discovering Dakar

After breakfast you will meet your guide and embark on an orientation tour of this sophisticated city. You will tour Independence Square where you see a mix of old colonial buildings and the new African-inspired architecture. From there you will visit Kernel Market with its colorful flowers, fruits, fabrics and clothing. Before and after lunch you will see many of the government buildings before visiting the Grand Mosque. Your last visit of the day will be the village of Soumedioune where high quality goods may be admired or purchased.

Day 5 Banjul and The Gambia

This morning you will head for The Gambia, a tiny country basically covering two banks of a major river flowing to the sea. You arrive in Banjul, its capital and check into your hotel and enjoy lunch overlooking the beach. After lunch you will take an orientation tour of the city. You will visit the national museum, the Albert Market, old town and the craft market before returning to your hotel.

Day 6 Juffure Village and the Genesis of “Roots”

After breakfast you will depart for the Village of Juffure, Alex Haley's ancestral home. This small village became famous in the 1970s following the television adaptation of the bestselling book, "Roots" written by Haley and a descendant of Kunta Kinteh. Haley first learned of his ancestor while listening to family stories of his maternal grandparents while spending summers in Tennessee. According to family history, Kunta Kinteh was taken from the village and held at "the factory" in the village of Albreda. The factory was a fortified slaving station built by the French in the 17th Century. According to family history, Kunta Kinteh landed, with other Gambian Africans in "Naplis" (Annapolis) where he was sold into slavery. You will have a chance to visit the ruins of the "factory" before returning to Banjul.

Day 7 The Gambia River and the Mandingo Villages

In the morning you will be taken to the dock where you board a boat for a trip on the Gambia River. You will visit the bird sanctuaries and some native villages in the creeks of the river. You will also visit the Mandingo villages near the border with southern Senegal. You will be shown what a naming ceremony consists of and have a chance to interact with the villagers. You then cross the border into Senegal and return to your hotel in Dakar.

Day 8 Saint Louis in a Horse Drawn Carriage

In the morning you will head for Saint Louis which was once Senegal's capital and is the oldest city to be created by Europeans on the western coast of Africa. Named for King Louis XIV it was originally a fortified settlement from the days of slavery but is now considered to be Senegal's intellectual capital and center of good taste. After lunch in a local restaurant you will visit the University of Gaston Berger and interact with the students before boarding a horse drawn carriage for a tranquil exploration of the city's highlights. This evening join your guide for dinner at a local restaurant overlooking the river.

Day 9 Oiseaux du Djoudj National Park

After breakfast you will head out to Oiseaux du Djoudj National Park. The park provides a range of wetland habitats which prove very popular with migrating birds, many of which have just crossed the Sahara so they are obviously in need of a drink. You will enjoy the sight of thousands of Pelicans perched on rocks overlooking the wetlands and you might be lucky and spot some of the other wildlife that inhabits the park. You return to Saint Louis for lunch at a local restaurant before heading back to Dakar.

Day 10 The Pink Lake and the Catch of the Day

After breakfast you will drive 20 miles outside the city to a body of water known as Pink Lake because feldspar deposits reflecting the sunlight through the salty water produce a unique vibrant pink color. The lake is the remains of a fossil sea that once covered all of Senegal but is now surrounded by sand dunes, a baobab forest and traditional villages. You will see men and women in the lake crushing the bottom which consists of a thick crust of salt that they gather and then sell. This explains the high salinity of the lake, much like the Dead Sea. After visiting the lake you head to the ocean where you have lunch overlooking the beach. After lunch you are taken to the village of Cayar, a fishing community along the Atlantic coastline where donkey drawn buggies are the most common form of transportation. You will arrive in time to see the return of the fishermen who have been gone overnight on the high sea and now return to the beach in their dugout canoes (called pirogues). The catch can include fish, shrimp and lobsters and the whole beach is alive with buyers, fishermen, families and children.

Day 11 A Farewell to Dakar

After breakfast your driver is at your disposal for any last minute shopping or more sightseeing. In the evening you will enjoy a farewell dinner with Senegalese music and dancing before transferring to the airport for your return flight to the US.

Day 12 Arrival in USA

You arrive back in the USA either late morning or early afternoon.

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