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Kenya Luxury Hotels & Resorts - Kilima Camp

Kilima Camp is an intimate eco-lodge with 12 tents and a friendly safari holidays camp located in the Masai Mara (Maasai Mara) in Kenya. Kilima Camp opened in 2007. Kilima Camp is an ideal African safari camp and has a perfect location for who wishes to enjoy unforgettable safari holidays in Africa. [...]

Company: Kilima Camp
00502, Kenya

Services: Camps & Lodges, Luxury Safari
Service Areas: Rift Valley, Kenya
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Kenya Luxury Hotels & Resorts - The Safari Collection

The Safari Collection's believe that East Africa is the home and the beating heart of true safari; and that each of the properties in portfolio offer the purest experience of that.  The Safari Collection are young, imbued with energy and an optimistic outlook, and  want you to get up close and [...]

Company: The Safari Collection

Services: Camps & Lodges, Luxury Safari
Service Areas: Rift Valley, Kenya
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Kenya Luxury Hotels & Resorts - Maridadi Safaris Ltd.

Maridadi Safaris is a limited company with offices situated in Masachusetts, Wyoming and Nairobi- Kenya. We are registered Tour Operators specializing in Incentive Travel Programs, Educational and Cultural Tours, Luxury Lodge Safaris, Adventure Camping Safaris, Tours & Travels, hotel & Lodge [...]

Company: Maridadi Safaris Ltd.
46992, Kenya

Services: Camps & Lodges
Service Areas: Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya
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Kenya Luxury Hotels & Resorts - Richard's Camp

At Richard’s Camp guests have the opportunity to experience the real Africa; days of heart-stopping game viewing, evenings enjoying cocktails by a cozy campfire and delicious three-course meals under an awe inspiring canopy of stars.Richard’s Camp is owned and operated by Richard Roberts and Liz [...]

Company: Richard's Camp
00517, Kenya

Services: Camps & Lodges, Luxury Safari
Service Areas: Rift Valley, Kenya
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Kenya Luxury Hotels & Resorts - Great Lakes Safaris

Great Lakes Safaris is an indigenous east African Safari company providing you with the most ultimate East African Safari experience. You can choose to visit all the countries in the Great Lakes Region or see them individually. Whether you search for a gorilla safari in Uganda and Rwanda or marvel [...]

Company: Great Lakes Safaris

Services: Camps & Lodges, Luxury Safari
Service Areas: Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya
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Kenya Luxury Hotels & Resorts - Red Pepper House

The Red Pepper House on Lamu Island, Kenya, is a brand new, exquisite boutique beach hotel offering the utmost in indulgence and relaxation. Located a stones throw from the historical Lamu town, the hotel provides a combination of real African culture and laid back beach life. Lamu Island, a [...]

Company: Red Pepper House

Services: Boutique Hotels, Villa Rentals
Service Areas: Lamu, Kenya
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Kenya Luxury Hotels & Resorts - Shompole Lodge

The luxury safari lodge Shompole is an exceptional award-winning luxury lodge with a wonderfully unique design and comprises of Main Shompole, Little Shompole, Shompole House and the ultimate 360. All the rooms have pure white stone, elegant features and incredible views across the Great Rift [...]

Company: Shompole Lodge

Services: Camps & Lodges, Luxury Safari
Service Areas: Rift Valley, Kenya
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Kenya Luxury Hotels & Resorts - Naibor Camp

Naibor is a stylish and contemporary tented safari camp located in an ideal location in the heart of the Maasai Mara Game Reserve, only minutes away from the world famous wildebeest crossing site. Each of the seven large luxury tents has a private 10 foot veranda complete with day beds and private [...]

Company: Naibor Camp
00503, Kenya

Services: Camps & Lodges, Luxury Safari
Service Areas: Rift Valley, Kenya
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Kenya Luxury Hotels & Resorts - Almanara Luxury Resort

Tucked amidst the towering palms and tropical gardens, Almanara Luxury resort sits quietly - boasting six fully inclusive villas along with a spectacular Presidential Villa. Complete with personal chef and maid services, this all-inclusive resort provides guests with the chance to enjoy 5-star [...]

Company: Almanara Luxury Resort
80401, Kenya

Services: Luxury Resorts
Service Areas: Kenya Coast, Kenya
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Kenya Luxury Hotels & Resorts - andBEYOND

andBEYOND is committed to providing world-class experiences for discerning luxury adventure travellers in some of the most spectacular natural locations in the world. A journey with us is an adventure that promises not only to capture your imagination, but to reawaken your soul. Your days will be [...]

Company: andBEYOND
2010, South Africa

Services: Camps & Lodges
Service Areas: Tanzania, Costa Rica, Namibia, Zambia,
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