Vamizi Island

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Vamizi Island

Quirimbas Archipelago

Throughout 2010 Vamizi Island is offering honeymoon couples a special discounted rate of 25% off the accommodation for the bride. Upon arrival be indulged with a bottle of chilled champagne in your villa, candelit dinner on the beach, a sunset dhow cruise, private nature tour of the island with our resident guide, complimentary 15 minute head massage, and a personal bridal gift.

The island’s near perfect white coral beaches and breathtakingly beautiful shallows are just the tip of the tropical iceberg. Beneath the surface of the Vamizi seas is an outstanding reefscape - mountains, valleys, plateaux and cliffs- teeming with a bewildering amount of sea life, from whales, dolphins, turtles and reef sharks to gregorian corals and giant clams.

Arching out of the Vamizi seas - twelve kilometres long and a kilometre wide - this whale-shaped curve of beach and bush is drenched in sunshine and breezes. The miles of unpadded white sand and wild bushy interior are also a sanctuary for samango monkeys, coconut crabs and the 112 species of tropical birds that live here, as well as being a haven for the more land-based creatures amongst us.

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Cabo Delgado, Mozambique

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