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Chemin des Papillons 18, P.O. Box 572
1215 Geneva

For 30 years, PrivatAir has earned a quiet reputation for providing the world’s discerning travelers with the most sophisticated level of service in private jet charter. The professionals at PrivatAir have a special understanding of how to meet the unique needs of the most demanding individuals. You can choose to travel in total privacy, into and out of more than 5,000 airports around the world.

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Service Areas:
Belize, Mexico, Germany, Indonesia, Greece, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Maldives, Jamaica, New Zealand, United States, France, India, Switzerland, Argentina, Croatia, Brazil, Fiji, Caribbean, Morocco

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PrivatAir Takes Private Jets to the Gulf PrivatAir Takes Private Jets to the Gulf

PrivatAir debuts private air charters to Bahrain for the new Gulf market. PrivatAir is a leading international aviation group with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland and operating bases in Zurich, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam and Bahrain. Services include Private Charter for VIPs and executives, Aircraft Sales & Management, Private Airline Services, Ground Services and Training.

PrivatAir povides luxury private jets and other private aviation services PrivatAir povides luxury private jets and other private aviation services

PrivatAir provides private aviation services for companies and airlines, private jet charters for individual clients and the first international private jet business-class-only airline shuttle services. Private jets are provided with the utmost privacy, safety, luxury and confidentiality.

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