Peuma Hue

Peuma Hue

road 40 - km 2014 - Nahuel Huapi National Park - North Patagonia
8400 San Carlos de Bariloche, Rio Negro

Peuma Hue's beauty is striking and varied wherever you look. Its long, deep glacial valley filled by the blue waters of Gutierrez Lake and the unique emerald-green to turquoise waters of Peuma Hue bay. To the west and close to the house, the rugged granite walls of the D'Agostini peak drop steep into the valley, filling the area with the ancient range soothe souls with harmony and balance. To the south, the Continental Divide valley, divides waters into the pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Recycling an old small log cabin and building the rest of our ranch buildings came next: the poplar house, the Radal house, a mountain cabin, two log cabins for families who live and work here, the barn, the carpentry, the boat land, garden, greenhouse, our native plant nursery and hiking trails followed. Our non-denominational Temple completed the constructions. But our main goal will always be to share this enchanted place with our beloved family and friends, among all of us who work together as a team, with all our companion animals and every guest or group eager to enjoy and appreciate its uniqueness and benefit from its energy.

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