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Kan Tengri Ltd

10 Kasteyev street
050010 Almaty

KanTengri LTD Expeditions was founded in 1986 and now is one of Central Asia’s leading adventure and ethnographical tour operator based in Kazakhstan. KanTengri are à reputable and efficient company, which operate exclusive packages throughout the country.

KanTengri LTD are glad to offer you a series of ski-tour and heli-ski programs not resold, but made and carried out only by professional staff of KanTengri LTD company. These programs discover Northern and Central Tien Shan in a different season - winter, spring and summer for wild slope ski and snowboard facilities. The altitude overfall is about 2000 meters. Even profesional skiers will never fill indifferent skiing on a fast snow and rare visited mountains.

Heli-Ski, Luxury Expeditions
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