Epicures Private Chef Service

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Epicures Private Chef Service

PO Box 80914
92138 San Diego, CA
United States

Epicures Private Chef Service is a full service, fully licensed and insured Private and Personal Chef and Catering company offering fine culinary experiences to residents and business throughout San Diego County and Southern California.

Services include, Food preparation and private dining services provided for individuals and businesses on an even-by-event basis, and regular weekly meal preparations (personal chef services) via a network of certified, contracted and insured professional chefs.

Epicures offers individualized, custom menu planning to clientele, catering services and delivery, and packaged meals for busy families and professionals needing weekly in-home cooking. We are proud to provide you with memorable private dining experiences and delicious foods by using fresh ingredients, offering local, farm grown and organic foods, and by providing superb customer service by giving attention to our clients’ every detail. We offer custom-tailored menu plans to satisfy each client’s specific dietary and nutritional needs, and we arrange our services solely around their specific needs and preferences and requests.

Private Chef
Service Areas:
San Diego, United States, California

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