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Denis Private Island

Victoria, Mahe

Enchanted in Seychelles coral isle, Denis Private Island is set like a rare jewel in a sapphire sea. The perfect tropical cocoon where to enjoy the barefoot luxury of authentic, island living. Seduced by the understated elegance of private, beachfront cottages and an exquisite cuisine designed to tempt the gourmet’s palate.

Hemmed by powder soft ivory beaches and basking within a sheltered aquamarine lagoon Denis occupies a space out of time, the perfect haven for peace and serenity.

No paved roads here, but meandering paths and sites with names evocative of the island’ history. L’Avenue de Gens Heureux, Turtle Haven, La Vanille d’Olivia. Staff accommodation charmingly set along “Champs Elysées”. La Chapelle St Denis, the archipelago’s first ecumenical chapel, the mysterious Cimetière Marin and the Giant Tortoise pen.

Denis Private Island composes of diverse discoveries wild vanilla creeping up ancient trees; an encounter with a moorhen or paradise flycatcher and other endemics along l’Allée Badamier is not surprising.

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