Château du Grand Val

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Château du Grand Val

35 270 Combourg

Why not choose a different vacation home next time around? Something that is more charming than an apartment, more spacious than a villa, and more personal than a hotel: a luxury castle rental. With its historical roots in the 1400s, Château du Grand Val is an enchanting castle situated in the genuine French environment of your dreams.

Take your friends and family members on a different adventure. Perhaps you desire a wine tasting journey, a golf vacation, or simply a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. Over the years they have been visited by guests who enjoy life to its fullest – people seeking a quality retreat, couples in love who are getting married in their charming little chapel, or companies looking for a conference venue beyond the ordinary. All agree that Château du Grand Val offers an incomparable experience.

This petite French Château, with its surrounding buildings, offers a unique living environment whether you decide to rent the main castle building or if you want stay in one of the renovated houses in the park. The surrounding area offers unique excursion gems such as Combourg, Rennes, St. Malo, Dinan, Dinard, Cancale, and Mont St. Michel.

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France, Brittany

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