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With Casa Valentine, you can discover the Villas surrounding the Lucca area of Tuscany are, which are among the most treasured in all of Italy. Many of these villas have been retained within their family of origin for generations. It's no wonder that this area of Tuscany remains so beautiful, so evocative of that elegantly pastoral vision we all associate with Italy. The majority of the villa rentals and apartments that we represent are in the Lucca area. There is great diversity in this part of Italy: the seashore, large areas of vineyards and olive trees, small communities nestled within steep hillsides, the wonderful walled city of Lucca itself.

For visitors, there is always something to do -- hiking, mountain biking, sailing, tennis, golf, a visit to the seashore, even a trip to Florence (about an hour's drive from Lucca). For many of our villa rental guests, however, it is the villa which represents their main experience; the opportunity to move in, unpack, relax, and stay that way for as long as possible.

To be able to enjoy family and friends in a vacation setting is a great joy; going off for excursions or day trips and then returning to a shared dinner full of stories and news of the day is the kind of experience that lingers in the vacation memory mode for a long time.

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