Bluewater Maldives - Explore the new adventures

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Bluewater Maldives - Explore the new adventures

M.Beauteen House
20 255 Male`, capital

Blue Water Maldives, a division of Bluewater Maldives Pvt Ltd is a market-leading Travel company. Our services have, since we commenced operations, sustained an enviable reputation from both long-term international partners, as well as with returning clients.

Bluewater Maldives offers uniquely low wholesale rates for our partners, thus allowing them to access the Maldivian market and enable them to provide their clients and partners with very attractive accommodation rates.

If you are looking for the holiday experience of a lifetime, we can help plan and book travel arrangements that suit both your preferences and budget.

 Our professionally trained travel team can provide you with time saving expert advice on the best possible accommodation and tours on offer in the Maldives.

We will never provide any product or service that does not meet our highest quality assurance policy. Bluewater Maldives is the preferred choice for thousands of visitors booking Luxury Hotel & Resorts, or Luxury Liveaboard holidays on the Maldives. They choose us because we can help them have an outstanding holiday at an exceptionally good value.

It is our desire to make your holiday as pleasant and memorable as possible.

Tailor Made Holidays
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