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4311 General Howard Drive
33762 Clearwater, Florida
United States

Avantair was founded in July 2003 as the exclusive fractional provider of the Piaggio Avanti aircraft and in February 2006, became the only publicly traded stand-alone fractional operator in the industry.  Under the entrepreneurial spirit and leadership of founder and CEO, Steven Santo, Avantair grew to one of the most unique fractional companies in the industry with the world’s largest fleet of Piaggio Avanti’s.

Time is the most valuable non-renewable resource. That’s why today’s frequent fliers need a better alternative to increasingly inefficient commercial air travel. Fractional ownership provides an air travel experience that you’ll truly enjoy and one that will save you plenty of time. Arrive for your flight just minutes before your departure. Land at more than 5,000 private aviation airports nationwide. There’s no checking in, no security lines, no layovers and no lost baggage. Plus, because you can schedule your aircraft wherever and whenever, it’s virtually everywhere you want it to be.