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Artic Kingdom

3335 Yonge St., Suite 402
M4N 2M1 Toronto, Ontario

Artic Kingdom strives to provide the safest, most reliable methods of accessing the most wonderful areas of the arctic and to link such areas together and to promote the diversity between regions and seasons. To explore and understand the interdependencies throughout the hemisphere and to provide objective advice and custom tailored plans to adapt to the ever changing seasons and conditions. Artic Kingdom aims to make the arctic both accessible and more comfortable while preserving the environment and protecting this magical part of the world.

At Arctic Kingdom they have a strong spirit of exploration. They are always searching for new locations in the Arctic that offer animals and stunning scenery. They try to instill that spirit of exploration in every expedition, often taking a new route, explore a new area or go just a little further to see what's over the next mountain. Every expedition offers something different from the last one ensuring a fresh perspective and something new for you.

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