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Austin, Texas
United States

Angelfood is an enterprise that offers commercial catering and Personal Chef food service to clientele within Austin and surrounding areas. Angelfood has relationship with religious organizations within the region that is strong as does support for charitable endeavors.

Their menues are flexible and cater to the desires of their clients. The Chef is constantly developing innovative taste sensations that will please the most discerning palate, while offering the comfort food of southern hospitality. Wholesome food, reliable service and attention to detail are our trademark.

Angelfood Catering & Personal Chef Services has the capability of bringing delicious, healthy gourmet meals directly into your home at a cost comparable to restaurant food. I will customize menus to your specifications, provide the freshest vegetables, meats and fish available. Whether you are a vegetarian, are on a special diet, have food allergies or just appreciate the best in dining pleasure, I will shop for your groceries and come to your home and prepare the food. I will then package and stock the meals for you to enjoy at your leisure, in the safety of your own home, leaving you with a full refrigerator and complete instructions for reheating your own specialized cuisine.

Private Chef
Service Areas:
Austin, United States, Texas

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