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Diego de Velasquez 2071
Santiago, Providencia

Alün Travel will plan and execute the experience you want, the way you want it.  Our strategic alliances of providers throughout South America give us the edge in choosing the best options for our guests.  We are committed in creating high quality and memorable trips for each individual.

The word Alün comes from the Mapudungun language spoken by the indigenous inhabitants of central and southern Chile as well as west and central Argentina. The ethnic people of these lands are the Mapuches (People of the Land), also known as Araucanos (araucanians), a name given by their Spanish conquerers. The principal concepts and verbs referred to the word Alün, when translated into modern language are: to be big, to be intense, to be grand, and to shine. Our team borrowed the word Alün from this mystical culture that prides itself with their connection and respect with Earth's beauty, powers and balance. These values towards the planet are shared by our team. It is Alün Travel's vision, to shine intensely as the number one tour provider of customized and luxury travel experiences throughout South America. We will accomplish this goal through our mission, which is the personalization of every individual tour to satisfy or our guest's needs with the purpose of making memorable lifelong experiences.

Private Tours
Service Areas:
Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Brazil

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